Hello and welcome! My name is Dalla Fletcher / Damasu / Syn / etc and this is a little site to show off my skills. I'm an artist with talents in webcoding, web layouts, icon making, wallpapers, traditional art, digital art and handicrafts. I have two degrees in the computer sciences, one from FullSail in Florida, and the other ECPI/Skyline College in Virginia. I've been doing web-related things (like websites and hosting) since around 1995, and I've been drawing and writing stories practically since I was born. On this site you'll primarily find examples of my web-related work, and a few examples of my artistic ones. If you have further questions about me or my skills, I'm more than happy to answer them! Simply email me here and I'll tell you anything you'd like to know!

Currently I work mostly with HTML/XHTML coding as well as CSS. Div layers are a personal favorite, although I can work with tables as well. I can work with Javascript, PHP, C++, and several other languages. My strongest skills are in desiging and coding websites. I'm an expert with PhotoShop and similar graphics programs. In addition, I am also able to draw and work in other traditional media. Logo and print work is also something I am capable of. If you would like to commission me, or enquire about a paid/contract position, please visit my commission website.

If you'd like to see more sites created and maintained by me, please visit my domain collective at DeadRook [dot] Org. If you'd like to link directly to this portfolio site, please use one of these buttons and link to:


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